Air freight forwarding

Air freight forwarding

The air-freight is a form of transportation that is mostly notorious for being the "most expensive way of transportation". Yet, when we look at the value of the transported goods, then it counts for 35% of the international freight. A research, which was conducted among the world`s biggest firms, shows that 25% of the sale of these firms are based on the efficient air-freight services, furthermore, 56% of the research participants mentioned that it helped them to reduce costs. Moreover, research participants pointed out the most important characteristics of air-freight, such as, predictability and punctuality.


  • fastest way of transportation
  • Safest way of transporting valuable and sensitive goods
  • environmentally friendly solution
  • the packing costs are lower due to the lower physical demands
  • way of transport which can reach all of the continents


  • higher costs
  • indirekt pre-forwarding and on-forwarding are needed (multimodal freight)


We have been and are currently transporting from all the continents. When it comes to air-freight orders, due to our on-line booking system we can ensure rapid service and competitive prices. In every situation we book the cargo space at the airlines and choose the most optimal route so we can reduce the transit time for our customers. Due to our comprehensive service portfolio our solutions focus on meeting the deadlines.

For example: For big factories it is possible to personally deliver a missing part using our Hand Carry service. Therefore, they can avoid production stops, liquidated damages and further inconveniences.

Railway freight from China

Ocean freights from China are usually time-consuming and air freights are too expensive, therefore, the optimal solution is a combined railway freight. Railway freight is approximately 50% faster than the ocean freight and 40-50% cheaper than the air-freight. We have departure three times per a week and we deliver your goods, which can either be a single pallet or a full container, in 18-20 days! We also provide door-to-door delivery.

Added values:

  • organization of airfreight from our office in Budapest
  • reliable contracted partners at the main ports and airports
  • administrators with 24/7 mobile and e-mail access
  • International network – as the member of MIFFA , C5C, 24-7 Cargo Allience
  • quick information –flow
  • customs clearance – export/import
  • cargo insurance

In connection with air freight, our collegue, Roland Tűzhányó – who has more than 10 years experience in international transportations - can help you. Ask for his advise with trust.