Hand Carry

Our Hand Carry service is about a special service, when one of our collegues carries the shipment as passenger on board and gives it to the consignee at the given place. Immediate delivery with immedite documentation. This service demands an expert, experienced person. Knowledge of foreign language and good-looking are also important, because the first impression is really prominent and our collegue - who is entrusted with the delivery - is the face of our company at the same time. Our company is especially sensitive to make good impression to our partners an to their partners. It does not matter, which company is entrusted with this confidential service.

In case of manufacturer, it could mean a cost-effective solution, for example if production stops due to a broken part and the spare part needs to be collected from another country. (We hope that our customer does not have to depend on this.)

In connection with air freight, our collegue, Roland Tűzhányó – who has more than 10 years experience in international transportations - can help you. Ask for his advise with trust.