Transportation of oversized or/and excess weight cargo

In case of oversized or excess weight cargo, air freight or ocean freight comes into consideration. If transit time is too short, we suggest you to choose the air freight. Consideration of the requirements - which spring from the way of transportation – is a must. Capacity of the flight is limited, we have to check the exact weight and dimensions. There are shipments which are not suitable for air freight so other option needs to be chosen.

Weight of transportable cargos is maximized according to the factory regulations. In case of a freighter (cargo plane) this maximum weight can be 111.900 kgs. Maximum dimensions of the cargo is determined by the dimensions of doors of the airplane.

In connection with air freight, our collegue, Roland Tűzhányó – who has more than 10 years experience in international transportations - can help you. Ask for his advise with trust.