Company overview

Door To Door Express Ltd. was founded in 2004. It is a fully Hungarian-owned international freight forwarding and logistics company. Its formation is due to the strong competitive situation present in the market, as the founding members thought that if they could combine their many years of experience obtained in the fields of transportation and freight forwarding, they would be able to provide their customers with complete, high-standard, flexible and more competitive service, meeting all demands in the field of freight forwarding.

Our reliability is indicated by certificate of Bristone A, which is deserved by 7,44% of those companies who appear on the Hungarian market.

We are member of national and foreign organizations, Association of Hungarian Forwarding and Logistic Service Providers, C5C, MIFFA, 24-7 Cargo Alliance – among others.

Our goal is to provide quality service by land, sea and air equally, thus Door To Door Express Ltd. provides a solution to its customers to meet demands arising in the following areas:

The sound and reliable basis for transportation is guaranteed by the co-owner of our company, which, during the course of its more than 10 years of operations, has served its customers and our customers with a fleet that now consists of 103 vehicles.

Our company is a member of the C5C, MIFFA and 24-7 Cargo Alliance, which means we can provide a precise and reliable service to you through reliable partners at all main ports and airports of the World.

The set of personal relations of our colleagues spanning many years promotes the fulfilment of tasks and service needs in which it is not sufficient to simply carry out the transport, but customised solutions are required as well.

Our transportations are organized from our offices: Tata, Székesfehérvár and Budapest. The customer is at the heart of what we do, thus we place great emphasis on the flow of information, informing our customers in time and in the right way, maintaining continuous contact.

We hope that our company has attracted your attention and that we will soon be able to assist you in solving transport tasks.

Kind regards,
The Door To Door Express Ltd. Team