Forwarding of dangerous, ADR-container has to be done under the regulation of the IMDG codex. It means a complicated task, the same regulation concerns both sea and the road freight.

IMDG Codex determines the following continental activities :

  1. Classification of dangerous goods, determine the correct shipping name
  2. Packaging of dangerous goods
  3. Labels of dangerous goods
  4. Loading/unloading (CTU = Cargo Transport Unit)
  5. Preparation of documents which accompany the dangerous goods
  6. Placement of dangerous goods
  7. Handling of dangerous goods
  8. Preparation of dangerous goods for loading, preparation of the plans regarding separation
  9. Loading/unloading of dangerous goods from ship/to
  10. Delivery of dangerous goods
  11. Compliance of the laws, regulationsa and their checking
  12. Individuals who take a part in the transportation and determined by the competent authority

Individuals,who deal with the mentioned activities, need to take lessons from the regulations of IMDG Code, and they can do only certain activities. They may deal with other activities if there is a person who can look after their work.

Education based on the regulation of the IMDG codex that is needed for the person who will supervise the bookings of the ocean freight shipments and will sign the manifest. Due to the previously stated, a specialist is recommended in cases of ADR container shipping.

In connection with ocean freight, our collegue, Roland Tűzhányó – who has more than 10 years experience in international transportations - can help you. Ask for his advise with trust.