Complete, FCL and LCL

Regarding ocean freight, dimensions of containers can give you more possibilities.


There are some cases when customer does not need a full container, so the best solution may be LCL, when less goods are moved with another customers’ goods.

In this case, dimensions of the container do not need to be advised. Transit time is a little bit more, slower, because of the seperated goods. Our experienced customers give notice of their demand about LCL / Less than Container Load / in advance, respectively if not, we can conclude it from the dimensions and weight of the shipment.


  • cost-effective
  • less quantity can be transported


  • slower transit time
  • safety of the shipment – danger of damage


In the other case your shipment occupies the full container, it is called FCL (Full Container Load), so your shipment does not combine with other customer’s shipments, so risk is less and tranzit time is faster. At this solution, dimensions of the conatiner is important, because we can calculate which container could be the best. Data of an avarage container - 20’ container: lenght: 60 meters, weight: 2,44 meters and height: 2,5 meters. It is suitable for 17,8 tonnes, 32,9 cbm. Regarding a 40’ container: lenght is 12 meters, weight is 2,44 meters and height is 2,6 meters. It is suitable for 26,5 tonnes, 67,7 cbm.


  • safer
  • faster transit time
  • suitable for bigger quantity


  • more expensive than LCL
  • on-carriage is costly
  • In connection with ocean freight, our collegue, Roland Tűzhányó – who has more than 10 years experience in international transportations - can help you. Ask for his advise with trust.